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Joshua Dale Duffy
Josh Duffy at the premiere of The Mayor
Full name Joshua Dale Duffy
Other name Josh Duffy
Birth date 03 November 1978
Birth place California
Education Pagosa Springs High School
Residence Maine
Occupation Actor
Role played Himself
Staring in The Mayor
Sibling Jeremiah Duffy
  • Marina Dale Passano
  • John Duffy
Awards Gold in local Special Olympics
Authority control
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Joshua Dale Duffy (Also known as Josh Duffy) was born on November 3, 1978 in California, to Marina Dale Passano and John Duffy, he is the sixth cousin 4 times removed from the famous lawman Wyatt Earp. He was raised in Pagosa Springs,Colorado and as an adult resides in Maine.

Duffy has a rare genetic deletion called Williams Syndrome and is the subject of the documentary The Mayor, directed by Jake Jakubowski.

Quotes from The Mayor

Josh Duffy at Wikiquote

I'm a parasite, inside a parasite, inside a host. - Josh Duffy from The Mayor

Don't push the envelope. Shove the envelope. - Josh Duffy from The Mayor

Screenshots from The Mayor

Josh Duffy at Wikimedia Commons

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