Jake Jakubowski

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Jake Jakubowski
c. 2022 Portland, Maine
Born (1973-09-16) September 16, 1973 (age 49)
  • SHS (1988 (1988)–1992 (1992))
  • MCC (1998 (1998)–1999 (1999))
OccupationDocumentary Filmmaker
Notable workThe Mayor: A Chronicle of Williams Syndrome

Jake Jakubowski (Jake-ah-BOW-ski) is an American director of documentaries best known for the film The Mayor: A Chronicle of Williams Syndrome, with Josh Duffy. He is a three time finalist of the Telly awards in the category of use of music.

Early Life and Education

Jakubowski was born on September 16, 1973 at Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania, under the name David Crnkovich (SERN-kah-vich). He was born with the birth defect clubfoot and underwent three surgeries to get his feet straight. At the age of seven, along with his two siblings, he was adopted into the Jakubowski family. Now with the name David Jakubowski, he took his family's nickname as his stage name; Jake Jakubowski.

In 1992 Jakubowski graduated, at the age of 18, from Simsbury High School in Simsbury, Connecticut. From 1998 (1998) through 1999 (1999), Under the mentorship of Professor Robert Kagan, he studied video editing at Manchester Community College in Connecticut.



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  • 2018 (2018)-2023 (2023): Overnight Shelter Attendant for Tedford Housing. Brunswick, ME.

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